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Find your parasol

Our range of parasols: central pole, cantilever, wall, tilting, aluminum, wood ...

Parasol Pro® is one of the leading online sellers of quality parasols for professionals (restaurants, hotels, companies) and private individuals (for terrace, swimming pool, garden): high-end cantilever parasol, centre pole parasol, retractable, tiltable, square, rectangular, round, giant parasol, beautiful design parasol, windproof, luxury parasol.

With Parasol Pro®, you are sure to buy robust parasols that will last over time, not like in supermarkets or discount websites...

We can deliver everywhere on request.

You will find on our website all prices, photos, videos and technical data sheets.
You can buy directly online (Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer).

Galaxia Astro

From2 800 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  3 500 excl. VAT

High-tech cantilever parasol with easy opening by gas cylinder. The luxury of the off-centre pole parasol in 3x3m, 3.5x3.5m, 3x4m or 1 pole with 2 or 4 canvases (3x6m, 3.5x7m or 6x6m)

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From640 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  800 excl. VAT

Nice aluminium parasol in anthracite grey for terrace, restaurant, hotel, café, round 3.5m, 3x3m and 3x4m

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Alu Double Scolaro

From3 550 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  4 437,50 excl. VAT

Structure of 2 parasols fixed to a single pole (3x6m, 3.5x7m, 4x8m), suitable for large terraces and for a minimum space requirement

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Palladio Braccio

From1 490 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 862,50 excl. VAT

Very beautiful wood finish cantilever parasol, ash wood ribs: round 3.5m, square 3x3m, 3.5x3.5m, rectangle 3x4m

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From361 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  451 excl. VAT
Revolutionary parasol in its style and construction with an inverted canvas opening, 2.20m round
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Spectra Duo and Multi

From3 805 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  4 756,25 excl. VAT

Spectra Duo and Multi offers a giant sunshade with 1 pole and 2 or 4 sunshades, to give a final area of 2.5x5m rectangle or 5x5m square

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Leonardo Braccio

From1 595 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 993,75 excl. VAT

Cantilever parasol, quality, large size: 3x3, 3x4, 3.5x3.5, 4x4m, round 4m

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From490 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  612,50 excl. VAT
Parasol design spirit of sun shade sail in 2x2m and 3x3m, the originality to enhance your restaurant
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Alu Poker Scolaro

From5 620 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  7 025 excl. VAT

Structure of 4 parasols fixed to a single pole (6x6m, 7x7m or 8x8m), suitable for large terraces and for a minimum space requirement

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From1 900 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  2 375 excl. VAT

With its unique shape, the Spectra cantilever parasol offers an infinite range of positions with a fan system. Available in straight or inclined pole in 2.5x2.5m and 3.3m.

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Prostor P8

From2 600 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  3 250 excl. VAT

Large square umbrella 4x4m with easy opening and closing above the tables, in aluminium, for terrace, restaurant, hotel

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Cielo Pro

From575 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  718,75 excl. VAT

Parasol Cielo 2.6x2.6m tilting sunshade, 360° rotation, waterproof and anti-UV canvas, easy handling handle

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From420 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  525 excl. VAT

Small and robust 2x2m or round 3m aluminium parasol in stainless steel colour, for terrace, swimming pool, beach, balcony

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Galileo Dark

From1 890 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  2 362,50 excl. VAT

Design cantilever parasol with anthracite pole, high quality, 3x3m, 3.5x3.5m, 3x4m and 4x4m, reclining, retractable above tables

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Fratello Pro

From825 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 031,25 excl. VAT

Sturdy 3x3m cantilever parasol, tiltable from left to right and from top to bottom of the pole

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Galileo Starwhite or Inox

From1 990 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  2 487,50 excl. VAT

Design cantilever parasol with white pole or stainless steel colour, high quality, 3x3m, 3.5x3.5m, 3x4m and 4x4m, reclining, retractable above tables

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Prostor P6

From1 395 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 743,75 excl. VAT

Giant parasol 1 pole and up to 4 canvases, Uno (2.5x2.5m, 3x3m, round 3.5m), Duo (2.5x5m, 3x6m), Quattro (5x5m, 6x6m)

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Leonardo Telescopic

From1 040 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 300 excl. VAT

Large, sturdy but light parasol in anthracite grey aluminium, in 3.5x3.5m, 4x4m or 3x4m, telescopic opening over tables and chairs, for restaurant or terrace and garden

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Palladio Telescopic

From850 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 062,50 excl. VAT

Giant wooden telescopic parasol that closes over tables, pulleys and rope. Round 5m, square 4x4m and 3x4m

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Paraflex Wallflex

From900 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 125 excl. VAT

Wall parasol in aluminium, to be hung on a wall, round 2.7m or 3m and square 1.9x1.9m, 2.3x2.3m

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Rimini Braccio

From1 330 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 662,50 excl. VAT

Very beautiful white sturdy cantilever parasol, white ribs: square 3x3m, rectangle 3x4m, round 3.5m

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Paraflex Neo

From1 050 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  1 312,50 excl. VAT

Design parasol with 1 pole and up to 4 canvases, round 2.7m, round 3m, square 1.9x1.9m, square 2.3x2.3m. Total surface possible up to 36m2

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Palladio Standard

From390 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  487,50 excl. VAT

Quality wooden parasol, double pulleys and rope. Round 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m or 4m, square 2x2m, 3x3m, 3.5x3.5m, 4x4m and 2x3m or 3x4m

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Capri Dark or Starwhite

From2 730 € excl. VAT
 au lieu de  3 412,50 excl. VAT

Giant parasol with aluminium centre pole for restaurants and hotels or big garden terrace, 3x4m 4x4m, 4x5m, 4x6m, 5x5m, 5x6m, 6x6m

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