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Paraflex Wallflex

From 790 € excl. VAT
logo umbrosa parasol design

Nothing beats the versatility of the human body. As a result, for the Paraflex, we let ourselves be inspired by the manoeuvrability and strength of the human arm. A space-saving umbrella, without a base and without a pole, which offers you the possibility to create shade wherever you want it.

The light and compact Paraflex offers maximum shade and is highly wind-resistant.

The Umbrosa Paraflex Wallflex parasol is a wall-mounted parasol that can be fixed to the wall with a 30cm wall bracket (included). This means that there is no need for a pole on the ground.

The holder of the parasol is 2m long and is articulated in 2 parts to allow you to orientate it from right to left, or to position it more or less far from the wall. At the end of the holder, there is an articulated clamp to fix the parasol frame and to be able to orientate it at 30 degrees and thus protect yourself from the sun, from morning to evening.

The parasol can be removed from its arm very easily in a few seconds (for winter, in case of strong winds, etc.).

The structure of the parasol is made of anodised aluminium with a pure design.

Each sunshade is available in 4 different sizes:

- Round 2.70m
- Round 3m
- Square 1.90x1.90m
- Square 2.30x2.30m

Two types of canvas are available:

- Solidum: Acrylic canvas in 250g/m2
- Sunbrella: Acrylic Canvas in 260g/m2

Canvas colours vary according to your choice.

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Video of the parasol
(Changing according to the chosen size of the parasol)
Cover bag
Cover bag

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