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Find your parasol
logo scolaro parasol qualite

Scolaro manufacturer in Italy of quality cantilever parasols and large umbrellas sunshade for restaurant Galileo Capri Leonardo Palladio Alu double Milano Rimini

The company Scolaro was established 40 years ago and produced artisan wooden parasols. Our wide range of articles is studied for the Contract, the garden furniture and the promotional branch.

It includes wooden and aluminium parasols with central pole, side post and telescopic frame.

Our company’s policy is constantly seeking to customer satisfaction and allows now to export our products in more ‘than 50 countries.

The experience and manipulative skill added over the years more and more technologies to improve the quality standard and a simple product developed to shelter from the sun has become an elegant tool to personalize smartly furnishing.

The design, new technical solutions and the combination of the best materials, mark the evolution and use of the parasol, guaranteed by an entirely Italian production process.