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Nos fabricants de parasols

1logo umbrosa

Umbrosa manufacturer of parasols Wallflex Paraflex Spectra umbrella high-end design

The shade solutions by Umbrosa are a clear statement by both elegance and understated simplicity, and that in combination with a never seen way of ergonomics that puts easy to use to a higher dimension.

Umbrosa chooses very consciously to work with the best international designers and to produce exclusively in Belgium. All parts are made of durable anodized aluminium, UV-resistant materials, and fabrics in the very best quality. All of this ensures long lasting shade, year after year.

Our umbrella collections are exported to 80 countries and are used around the world on the most beautiful terraces and to the most famous hotel groups. 

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration: trees and plants provide shade in a unique way, not only for them but also for their habitat. Umbrosa relies on the ingenious aspect of nature for the development of polyvalent and innovative shade creations, distinguished in many ways from the classic parasol.

Umbrosa is the specialist in state-of-art umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications at an affordable price. The team of designers pays special attention to the unique character of nature and the daring creativity of each design.

logo solero parasol haut de gamme

Solero manufacturer of top-of-the-range parasols, cantilever parasol, large parasols.fr, Basto, Cielo, Laterna, Maestro Prestige, Fratello, Patio, Presto, Palestro

logo scolaro parasol qualite

Scolaro manufacturer in Italy of quality cantilever parasols and large umbrellas sunshade for restaurant Galileo Capri Leonardo Palladio Alu double Milano Rimini

The company Scolaro was established 40 years ago and produced artisan wooden parasols. Our wide range of articles is studied for the Contract, the garden furniture and the promotional branch.

It includes wooden and aluminium parasols with central pole, side post and telescopic frame.

Our company’s policy is constantly seeking to customer satisfaction and allows now to export our products in more ‘than 50 countries.

The experience and manipulative skill added over the years more and more technologies to improve the quality standard and a simple product developed to shelter from the sun has become an elegant tool to personalize smartly furnishing.

The design, new technical solutions and the combination of the best materials, mark the evolution and use of the parasol, guaranteed by an entirely Italian production process.

logo prostor parasol geant

Prostor Belgian manufacturer of P6 sunshades with 1 mast and 4 canopies 6x6m 5x5m

Design is our priority: a floating parasol, a wall-mounted parasol or a free-standing parasol?

Thanks to our many years of experience and outstanding quality, Prostor parasols can be shown off to their best advantage on every terrace or patio. Our parasols are available in various models and configurations. We have round as well as square parasols for small, medium-sized or large terraces so that you can be assured that the available space will always be optimally protected against sunlight.

There is a perfect parasol for every outdoor area. A freely suspended parasol (also called a floating parasol) ensures added comfort as well as more space. A wall-mounted parasol is perfect for smaller spaces, and a free-standing parasol is perfect for creating shade just above a table. You can opt for a movable or a tile pedestal or you can have your parasol anchored into the ground. Thanks to the numerous available options your parasol can be fully personalised in terms of finish, fabric colour, heating, lighting and more.


Ezpeleta fabricant de mobilier extérieur parasols, tables, chaises, transats, chaises longues

Fabricants depuis 1935

EZPELETA, fabricant gobal de mobiliers d\\\\\\\'extérieur.
Chaises, tables, chaises longues, canapés, parasols, coussins, séparateurs.
Grande variété de formats, de matériaux et de couleurs permettent de créer des terrasses et des espaces extérieurs qui sont uniques, fonctionnels, durables, différenciés, contemporains et respectueux de l\\\\\\\'environnement.

La plupart des matières premières que nous utilisons proviennent de matériaux recyclés. En outre, tout le polypropylène de nos chaises, tables et parasols est recyclable à 100 %.

Un peu d\'histoire :

Le groupe commercial Ezpeleta a été fondé à Oñati (Gipuzkoa) en 1935, où nous avons commencé notre activité de fabricants de parasols.

En 1954, dans le but d\\\\\\\'étendre le projet, les membres de la deuxième génération de la famille se sont installées à Vigo et ont créé une nouvelle usine.

En 1988, la troisième génération inaugure ce qui est aujourd\\\\\\\'hui la principale usine du groupe à Vila Nova de Cerveira. Le Portugal.

Aujourd\\\\\\\'hui, Ezpeleta est constituée d\\\\\\\'un groupe de sociétés dont le capital est détenu à 100 % par la famille.